Self-Care Tools

Shepherd’s Crook- $39.95

A self-help tool shaped like a shepherd’s crook that can reach trigger points anywhere on the body. For anyone who has pain that they can’t get at. Instructions included.

Watch: Head, Neck and Shoulder Pain
Watch: Lower Back Pain

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Bodo – $10.00 (single) | $30.00 (set of 3)

Handmade wooden tools. Ideal for those who live or travel alone and must therefore depend on their own hands for help.

Bodos come in small, medium and large and are used according to muscle mass. For instance…large in the gluteals and thighs, small on ankles, wrist, hands and feet and the medium (which is the most versatile) for the rest of the body.

Watch: Head, Neck and Shoulder Pain Watch: Lower Back Pain

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Pulley – $25.00

Fasten to any door to strengthen and stretch arms, chest and upper back. Ideal for shoulder injury, mastectomy, as well as for people who are confined to a chair or bed.

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