Destination, Pain Free: Trains and Boats and Planes and Cars

Full knee bends exercise
Whether you are getting away, going to, or being taken away, or being brought back as the Diane Warwick lyrics woefully tell… you want to arrive at your destination pain free and full of that “it” which allows you to enjoy your getaway or make the deal that makes the difference. And that really takes planning. You plan your trip, luggage, tickets, car checkup, games for the kids, snacks, hotel reservations, meeting times, business lunch, the tours, etc… but what about your poor body that will b...

About Face: Facial Exercises

Exercises: Body Lift, Flexibility Bounce
Perhaps you have noticed that the face is connected to the rest of the body by way of the neck. Of course we can pretty much cover up and camouflage the rest of the body if we don’t like it. But the fact remains that with a bit of good care, not too much sun, good nutrition and exercise, the face will go along with the rest of the body. Take a look in the mirror, clothes off. What do you look like? Is that how you want to look? What would you change if you could? The purpose of ...

Sciatica, A Real Pain in the Butt

Myotherapy Pressure Technique
Enid Whittaker, CBPM ~ Managing Director, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®  Most names for pain are what I call geographical because they state the location rather than the cause. A good example of that is sciatica. What does that word mean to you? To you it means that the pain is running down your leg, which you already know even if you didn’t have a name for it. The name doesn’t tell you anything about the pain except where it is and you already know that. Legend would tell you that the sciati...

Stairs: Make a Flight Plan!

stretching calves on stairs
Stairs. Don’t groan at them, use them. Whether you are a beginner, avid hiker, mountaineer, athlete or a “starter over” stairs are often the answer to “getting there.” “Getting there” being your goal. Used with imagination and common sense, stairs are a workout class. They develop endurance, vital capacity, and very good legs. When Bonnie Prudden opened her Institute for Physical Fitness in White Plains, NY back in the mid-fifties, there was no elevator in the old school house that she renov...

Never Just A Chair

Bonnie prudden drawing - heel raises chair exercise
Most people see a chair and think how nice it would be to sit down. Chairs, however, are apparatus. Not only that, once you have them they are free to use, there are many variations and they are everywhere. How you choose to use your chairs depends on your need, capabilities and your imagination. Bonnie first discovered the chair as apparatus after her skiing accident in which she fractured her pelvis in four places. The three months of casting which accompanied the fractures left her without ...

Child Containment vs Child Preparedness

drawing of a child swimming
Barefoot is Better! The child’s brain develops most quickly in the first three years of life. The child’s body develops most quickly in the first three years of life. You cannot separate the brain/mind from the body It has always been this way. The Greeks knew it. Why is it just now coming to light in our questionably highly civilized, Know-All society? Swaddling clothes, bassinets, cradles, cribs, highchairs, toidy seats, playpens, strollers, car seats, shoes, cars, buses, classrooms, TV...

Office Trending: Sit or Stand

Shrug Series Exercises
Trending now are ergonomically designed desks that go up and down and chairs and seats that are contoured and that roll. And some folks actually combine biking and treadmill while at their desk. The realization is: we are sitting too much and we are supposed to move. The question is: is getting up and down, rolling, biking and walking while working really going to solve the problem? Here are some facts and solutions: When you sit for any length of time and over time, the hamstrings...

Lift and Jump, Push and Pull: A Way to Look and Feel Better

Photo of Bonnie Prudden teaching US ski team
“I don’t want my daughter to exercise. She’ll get muscles.” Undaunted Bonnie replied to the voice on the other end of the phone, “Under every curve is a muscle, no muscle, no curve, no curve, no husband.” It was 1947 and after visiting her older daughter’s “deplorable” third grade gym class, Bonnie – the varsity athlete, Broadway concert dancer and rock climber extraordinaire – decided to start her own exercise program for the neighborhood children as a way to give her own two daughters what ...

The Shoulder and Wrist Connection

Arm and hand: anterior and posterior view
Shoulders and wrists, wrists and shoulders. Our shoulders and wrists affect one another. I learned this first-hand and although it was an experience I would not want to repeat, it made a lasting impression and has been a very valuable lesson. As a long time tennis and badminton player, instructor and coach (I started playing when I was in elementary school) I joyfully overused my right shoulder, arm and wrist while enjoying many years of teaching and tournament competition with only a few int...

Shout It Out! A Case for Improved Vital Capacity

Illustration of heart and lungs together
IN AND OUT, in and out, in and out. All day long and all night too. When you have nothing better to do and with your eyes closed, pay attention to your breathing. Don’t do anything to it, just listen and feel the air going in and out slowly and rhythmically. Do that five times, paying attention with every sense you can muster. Try to SEE the lungs filling and emptying, filling and emptying. With the exception of people who were extremely active as children and then continued their activities ...